At UCAN we have a vision, very simply: to provide a source of healty energy to athletes of all levels so that they can get the best out of themself. Wether you are active in sports, trying to lose weight or just recreationally active, “Athlete” is meant in the broadest sense possible. The UCAN story started with a family in the USA and their son Jonah. Jonah has a very rare genetic metabolic disorder (GSD1). Due to a missing enzyme the body is not able to turn glycogen into glucose and maintain normal blood sugar levels. This seemingly small detail effectively meant Jonah needed to be constantly fed every 2 hours, day and night, to keep his bloodsugar stable. The sustained and stable release of glucose from SuperStarch makes is possible for Jonah to lead a relatively normal life again. UCAN; inspired by Jonah but now further developed to provide anybody the possibility to perform at their best.