Unflavoured container

Article number: Tub 750gr
Available from: 25-06-2024

1 Resealable container of 750 grams pure UCAN, 0% fat and no other additional ingredients. 25gram scoop for dosing included.

One serving of 25 gr of Generation UCAN Plain will provide you with the necessary energy for a 1½ to 2½ hour workout, depending on intensity. Op the tabsheet "Nutritional Information' you will find nutritional details and a list of ingredients. Compared with Maltodextrine you can rely on Superstarch for the following benefits:

  • Stable and sustained supply of energy during 90+ minutes
  • Stay in ketosis and keep burning fat as result of a mitigated insulin respons
  • No GI distress or upset stomach - Superstarch has a very low osmolality
  • Added electrolytes, no additional sugars and gluten-free

May contain traces of soy, milk or egg

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Unflavoured container

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